design led human resources...

forty2 use design thinking methods including service design to help your business attract, engage and retain the right people.

Why? Because design is about people and good design makes people stuff...better.

"people ignore design that ignores people" Franck Chimero

Good design means a better customer experience, added value and something which is personalised around your business.

Design thinking is not new and it’s not exclusive to design based businesses. We start by looking carefully at your business before designing effective and tailored HR processes and procedures around it so they work specifically for you and your team. It’s a collaborative approach which converts need into demand. By accepting more ambiguity, embracing risk and resetting expectations design thinking in human resources can help your organisation manage competing priorities, communicate with your team and reflect the collective view.

Using design thinking and service design you can replace the existing process with one which works well and adds value to your employees, customers and bottom line.